Each year, the extreme
sand castle building event
is uber crowded.

And it’s a hassle
to tow a chair to the beach.
How to solve this bind?

Joe solves it with a
hole. He buries his fave green
plastic chair at beach.

To save for next year’s
event. All he has to do
is dig up the chair.

Next year rolls around.
Joe shows up in the morning
to dig up the chair.

Only to find out
event is permanently
cancelled. No more. Why?

There’s a natural
sand grit exfoliating
event down the beach.

It’s way more trendy
than extreme sand castles. And
they provide the chairs!

Joe is so eager
to exfoliate that he
forgets about chair.

A few months later,
Ronny gets a hit on his
metal detector.

Right above the green
chair. He furiously digs
only to find green.

But not the cash kind.
He leaves it there and resumes
scavenging beach junk.

But the chair does not
go unnoticed. Eric, a
Parkour novice jumps.

Right over the green
plastic chair. His first hurdle!
Then comes the attack.

Beau, the dog, abhors
Leprechauns (St Patrick’s Day
incident last year).

Therefore, hates all things
green. Teeth bear in the plastic.
Until bird distracts.

Candice, fresh off a
twenty pound weight loss, strolls by.
She wants to sit down.

On the lonely green
plastic chair. She sits down but
it cannot support.

With a loud crack, chair
breaks and she tumbles in sand
(and exfoliates)!

Not realizing
that the quality of the
chair was compromised.

Candice thinks she is
still too fat and crash grapefruit
diets to lose more.

(Will Candice get sick
of only eating grapefruit?
Find out in Part 2!)