Thomas, Senior Class
most senior science nerd, is
making a comeback.

After last year’s Rube
Goldberg loss to Todd, he must
defeat nemesis.

His plan: invent a
time machine! Prevent future’s
worse catastrophes!

Version 1.0
is a knockoff of the Flux
Capacitor. Rad!

Except Thomas runs
into problems procuring
the plutonium.

Legally, that is.
And too many issues with
crazy terrorists.

Version 2.0
scraps the Flux Capacitor.
A new prototype.

It’s a cool machine
but instead of time travel,
it coughs up a spud.

Creating a fresh
potato out of thin air.
Needs a few more tweaks.

Instagram stories
reveal Todd is working on
a time machine too!

The pressure is on.
Thomas must turn his tater
maker around fast!

Version 3.0
needs a major revamp. Time
is of the essence.

Thomas stays awake
for 20 hours straight to
finish by deadline.

he doesn’t have time to test

His presentation
slot is right before Todd’s. He’s
poised to claim a win.

After a succinct
intro, Thomas presses the
bright yellow button.

The goal: transport six
years ago. Instead, six weeks
ago, he transits.

In the frozen food
aisle of the local grocer.
And flaw is not fixed!

The machine still makes
spuds. This time, in tater tot
form. Then, explosion!

It’s Todd! His machine
absorbed the waves of Thomas,
transported same place.

Except, Todd’s machine’s
base structure has a unique
plot twist- Instant Pot!

Thomas and Todd make
tater tot casserole while

On a plan to get
out of six weeks ago and
back to the classroom.

BUT, Dana, who knows
Thomas and Todd very well,
presents after Todd.

She predicted that
the boy’s competitiveness
would end in trouble.

Her project is a
time machine reversal pod.
Just one click and- ZOOM!

The boys are time zapped
back to the classroom. Tater
casserole for all!