Tonya is getting
married! Best friend, Carrie, plans
bachelorette bash.

Invites are modern-
hot pink! Delivery is
classical- snail mail!

In her excitement,
she mistakes one digit in
friend Lindsey’s address.

Invitation is
received by Andy, the next
door, single neighbor.

Taking advantage
of Carrie’s fail, he plots to
pick up drunken girls.

It’s a lazy way
to find a date. But that is
Andy’s hopeless style.

He celebrates on
sidewalk, dropping envelope
in front of his fence.

On the night of the
party, he pre-drinks with Purp,
until he needs pink.

Pepto Bismol. Down
for the count, he’s a no-show.
What about Lindsey?

Upset by perceived
diss, she plots to hook up with
Carrie’s boyfriend, Ben.

But Ben has pink eye.
Fear of contamination
makes it a no-go.

Then Lindsey finds the
discarded pink envelope.
Mix up is now clear.

Making up for lost
time, she rents pink Cadillac.
Cruising down the street.

Radio blares P!nk.
It’s a go. Besides, the girls
wondered where she was.