UPS is here.
Harry is expecting his
Amazon order.

Retro striped tube socks.
He can’t afford a car so
feet are his transport.

Walking demands a
large supply of socks and his
current are threadbare.

But his excitement
is extinguished when the truck
passes by his house.

It is a mistake!
Harry rips open the door,
prepared to chase truck.

At the threshold, he
halts. There is a box on the
ground…but what is it?

It’s not adorned with
the Amazon logo. And
looks questionable.

Harry opens with
caution and is pleasantly
surprised to find books.

Not one to turn down
a good read, he surveys the
covers. And judges.

Hard. He sees the name
Carol Tuttle and has thoughts
of infomercials.

She’s self-promoting
and fake
Harry assesses.
On to the next one.

A book on the life
of Will Rogers, written by
another author.

He would rather read
a book BY Will Rogers not
a book ABOUT him.

Whose idea was
this? Harry criticizes
the publication.

He’s had enough of
these hardcovers. Besides, he’s
a Kindle reader.

After judging them
all thoroughly, he takes them
curbside for garbage.

But he trips and falls.
The books scatter. Stacks of cash
are now raining down.

Is this a dream? What
happened? What happened is the
books are money mules.

Money laundering
books misdirected to the
incorrect doorstep.

Harry weeps as he
witnesses the cash blowing
away in the wind.

He could have bought a
car! He regrets judging the
books by their covers.

From that moment on,
he vows to take proverbs to
heart. What happens next?