As the laundered cash
blows away, Harry observes
another witness.

It’s a red-headed
girl taking pictures of the
street scene randomness.

She’s a blogger who
writes haiku backstories to
explain street findings.

Caught up in his pain,
Harry instantly does not
like this writing chick.

(Although he finds the
concept novel and can’t wait
to read the stories.)

He researches and
finds out that she used to work
unpaid for the park.

She was to pick up
litter but took pics for her
blog stories instead.

Recently fired,
the volunteer role becomes
free. Harry applies.

Accepted! Rocking
his new tube socks, he recalls
recent lesson learned.

Taking the proverb
to heart, he purchases a
new broom to sweep clean.

Harry buys eco
friendly brooms for all helpers.
They clean up litter.

Feeling unified,
He then establishes a
Polo uniform.

All park volunteers
must wear a starched, blue Polo
for all working shifts.

For the final sweep,
he enforces a park ban
of shady people.

First on the list is
street findings blogger.

(Even though Harry
secretly follows her fun
Instagram account.)

The new broom sweeping
clean is dandy, until his
back starts spasming.

All this manual
labor is painful. Is there
a proverb to cure?