Kara lacks common
sense but makes up for it in

She is hell-bent on
getting a job and growing
her savings account.

Wants to retire
early and travel distant
lands (also sleep in).

She applies for a
nursery position. Aw,
caring for babies.

She rigorously
brushes up on nursery
rhymes. Vocals on key.

Except, when she shows
up, it’s a plant nursery.
She sings anyway.

They love her voice so
much that she is hired on the
spot, despite no skills.

Kara’s first task is
to plant bulbs. She buries light-
bulbs in the garden.

Ed, the janitor,
notices the depleted
bulb inventory.

Busted. Kara is
released from her position.
On way home, she sings.

Fed up with baby
songs, she goes in another
direction. Baker.

The bakery has
one opening. Specialty:
cheesecake artistry.

slightly (she straight out lies), her
experience shines.

But only on her
resume. The kitchen is
so overwhelming.

So she holes up in
a corner to work on the
cheesecake creations.

Result? Amateur
icing décor on cheese block.
Um, what? Yes, cheddar.

Shit-canned once again,
Kara turns to assembly
line work opening.

QA is her task.
Make sure single flute glasses
are properly packed.

She notices that
all of the “single” flutes are
packed 4 to a box.

She rolls up her sleeves
and repacks the entire
day’s outbound shipments.

Megan, a high-strung
wedding planner has two high
maintenance clients.

This engaged pair needs
everything perfect or they
will throw hissy fit.

Totally childish
but they are wealthy, which means
Megan is their bitch.

Everything is on
point until the clumsy set-
up guy trips and falls.

Right into the flutes
for the champagne toast. Megan’s
brain kicks into gear.

She lives by a glass
factory that makes flutes so
skips the middleman.

She goes straight to the
warehouse to buy and hands the
cash wad to Kara.

Loads up the car and
jets. Bridezilla turns red, the
flute cases are short.

By 3 flutes each. The
cases of single flutes have
just a single flute.

Megan snorts as she
holds back a laugh, while smoke fumes
from the couple’s ears.

Megan escapes and
takes 2 flutes to go. Puts them
down, orders Uber.

Uber arrives as
mob pours out of venue. Flutes
curbside forgotten.