Destiny aligned
on a Tuesday in aisle 10.
Pasta sauce shopping.

Dave and Carol locked
eyes as Carol reached for Dave’s
favorite sauce brand.

Love at first sight. But
Carol being timid and
clumsy, drops the jar.

Clean up on aisle 10.
Embarrassed, she flees before
Dave can ask for name.

Or her phone number.
He wants to run into her
again. What’s his plan?

Reverse personals.
“We locked eyes in pasta sauce
aisle 10 on Tuesday.

I want to see you
again and talk saucy all
night with you, baby.”

But that’s not enough.
He goes to store at same time
on every Tuesday.

Carol is also
sad that she missed her chance with
pasta sauce stranger.

She also goes to
store at what she thinks is same
time. But she is off.

And she shows up an
hour earlier than Dave on
Tuesdays at aisle 10.

One day, Carol walks
home with her sauce and Dave is
driving to the store.

Destiny aligns.
They lock eyes while passing through
the intersection.

Carol is shocked (and
still clumsy), drops jar. Dave’s eyes
on Carol, hits tree.

Embarrassed, she flees.
Before Dave can ask for name
or her phone number.

(To be continued.
Will their destinies align?
Stay tuned for Part 2.)