(Continued from Sauce
it Up Part 1. Read that first
or else be confused.)

In an attempt to
find Dave again, Carol starts
dropping pasta jars.

She makes her mark with
his favorite sauce brand all
over the sidewalks.

Dave picks up on her
game. He’s thrilled! Then suddenly,
the jar dropping stops.

Until one day, he
sees a broken pasta jar.
But it’s not his brand.

Ahead, he sees her
with another man. Dave is
crushed. Massive heartbreak.

Aisle 10 is not the
same without Carol’s beauty
and sheer clumsiness.

On a Tuesday, as
Dave is grieving, he becomes
very self-loathing.

So he goes to the
store. His intent? Self-harm. How?
Box of Cap’n Crunch.

Nothing tears up mouth
like the Cap’n. Or should he
choose Grape-Nuts instead?

And chip a tooth. He
mulls over which kind is more
painful. She appears.

Carol. Solo. In
cereal aisle, holding a
jar of Dave’s fave sauce.

Awestruck, she drops it.
But does not flee. “I’m Carol.
Here is my number.”

The other pasta
man was not to her liking.
Not like Aisle 10 Dave.

Destiny aligns!
Together forever the
pasta sauce lovers.