Doug and Annie, at
sea in pontoon, enjoying
sun, water and breeze.

Doug proclaims, “Let’s go
for a skinny dip. No one
is around, Dear.” *Wink*

Who can turn away
an outrageous proposal?
Not Annie. She’s game.

Regrettably, they
forgot their anchor at shore.
Doug has an idea.

MacGyver fan at
heart. He loves solving problems
like this one. But how?

Coke bottle and rope.
Coke was for later but they
still have some water.

Doug tries to tie rope
like a noose around Coke (how
does he know noose knots?!).

Does not work so he
settles on the clove hitch knot.
Sailor’s favorite.

But Doug is not a
sailor. If he were, he would
know his grand faux pas.

Water is too deep
to anchor. But clothes come off
anyway. *Dive* *Splash*

Swim away. Here come
the fish. School of sweet little
unreasoning fish.

They mindlessly gnaw
rope and plastic thinking it’s
a delicacy.

Until they catch on
and realize it is gross
and not edible.

But it’s far too late.
The rope has been severed and
Coca-Cola drains.

Blended with the salt
water (the fish enjoy the
sweet tasting water).

Empty bottle is
swept ashore, clove hitch knot and
all. Sun melts plastic.

And as for skinny
dippers, they swam miles to reach
non-anchored pontoon.