Lizzie, tired of the
indecent proposals on
Tinder, switches apps.

Christian Mingle. She’s
hopeful as she starts chatting
up with her match, Mark.

Unlike the Tinder
guys, he’s respectful and sends
thoughtful messages.

Then, he sends her a
banana emoji. She
attempts to translate.

She believes her sweet,
pure, Mark likes bananas. He
invites her to meet.

Gladly, she accepts.
Lizzie spends all day baking
him banana bread.

And gingerly wraps
it in a take away box.
She seals it with love.

Bananas on top.
She sits on the curb, where he
is to pick her up.

It’s summer. The sun
is hot. The air is humid.
But he is The One.

She will wait. But she
doesn’t have water. The heat
is suffocating.

Shirt soaked in sweat, she
almost gives up. But then, he
appears in his car.

His teal blue car. A
little teenage girl-y but
ok. She hops in.

She presents him with
banana gifts. He eats with
fervor. It’s intense.

She marvels at his
passions for bananas! He
turns on radio.

They sing along to
“The Banana Boat Song.” They
dance in their car seats.

Windows down, music
blares. Pedestrians join the
dance and sing along.

“Day-ay-ay-o” It’s
just like a scene out of a
Broadway musical.

Except Lizzie is
lying face up on sidewalk.
Passed out from the heat.

An EMT is
hooking up an IV. Mark
was just a mirage.

Oxidation. The
bananas are brown. Mushy.
What happened to Mark?

Christian imposter,
banana emoji does
not equal fruit fan.

He’s “mingling” with
a master translator. That
girl guessed correctly.