(Did Wanda keep her
nose clean? Did she come clean? Find
out now in Part 2!)

Contrite about the
theft of cleaning goods under
influence of rage.

Wanda knows what she
must do to clear her conscience.
Go salsa dancing.

Her rehab stint was
too expensive to drown her
remorse in a binge.

To avoid going
back, she says no to drugs and
yes to salsa dance.

(It still doesn’t cross
her mind to confess and give
back the stolen goods.)

She throws on her best
red dress and black, patent heels.
And goes to the club.

She scans the crowd for
a dance partner. A handsome
man extends his hand.

His name is Rico.
He wears a diamond. They dance
the salsa for hours.

Until Rico has
to use the bathroom. They break.
He enters men’s room.

It’s dirty. He freaks
out. He too is obsessive
compulsive cleaner.

He pulls Windex out
of his murse and gets to work
on the bathroom filth.

Once he is done there,
he starts cleaning the dance floor.
Wanda’s heart skips beat.

Once annoyed that he
took so long in the men’s room,
She’s now enamored.

She takes her bottle
of Windex from her purse and
passionately joins.

High from the rush (and
smell of ammonia) they take
the spree to the streets.

The night abruptly
comes to a halt when Wanda
trips over the curb.

Her ankle twists and
she falls, losing her dance shoe.
Plastic bottle cracks.

Watching in horror
as Windex drains on asphalt,
she tries to redeem.

And salvages the
trigger. But Rico is a
generous partner.

He shares his Windex,
spray trigger and all. She has
at last met her match.

(But wait, there’s more! What
could possibly happen next?
Find out in Part 3!)