(Can Wanda curb her
cleaning habit? Read on to
find out what happens!)

Rich lives in the same
high rise as Wanda, with no
place to store his bike.

So he locks it to
the iron fence outside of
their building’s entrance.

He likes the notion
of common area use
for his benefit.

Ever since Wanda
returned from rehab, he notes
how clean his bike is.

Like, the cleanest it’s
ever been. He thinks the fence
is magical shrine.

He tells the neighbors.
They all start locking their bikes
on the common fence.

In her cleaning craze,
Wanda cleans all the bikes locked
on the fence each night.

Soon, the fence is filled
with dirty bikes. Then, Wanda’s
new boyfriend moves in.

Rico, still wearing
a diamond, doesn’t like the
clutter. He complains.

Building Manager
hangs sign: Do Not Lock Bikes On
Fence. Bike washing ends.

But Rich has a much
bigger problem. He has a
date with a new girl.

Her name is Nora.
The glass top of his coffee
table is filthy.

Too lazy to clean
it himself, he turns to the
magic cleaning fence.

He leaves the glass pane
outside overnight. It works!
Wanda’s Windex cure.

But date is ruined
because Nora gets nauseous
from ammonia scent.