Wanda, clean after
stint in rehab, wants to start
a new life. Clean slate.

But she has a large
void that she needs to fill so
she starts new habit.

Compulsive cleaning.
She starts in her home. Cleans house
and cleans out closet.

Literally and
figuratively. She takes
food break. Cleans the plate.

Back to work, she starts
cleaning the bathroom until
Mr. Clean runs out.

Since Wanda still has
anger management issues,
this is a problem.

In a blind rage, she
races to the store in her
VW Bug.

Makes a clean sweep of
cleaning supply aisle and leaves
without checking out.

Not intentional,
but once she recognizes
her folly, she skirts.

Too embarrassed to
go back and claim wrath blackout,
she flees in the Bug.

Clean getaway but
then hits a sign. Neurosis
still full blast, she cleans.

Scrubbing accident
scene with Windex, her conscience
is cleaner. For now…

(Can Wanda keep her
nose clean? Will she come clean? Find
out soon in Part 2!)