In a hurry to
make it to a dinner date,
Tim parks handicap.

Without a permit.
He runs in the grocery
store and speed shops through.

The wait at the self-
checkout is long because most
don’t know how to use.

This gives the tow truck
just enough time to haul his
Honda to the pound.

Tim struts out the store
with this cart, only to see
a legit parked car.

Where his once was. Too
frazzled to deal with it, he
takes the cart to go.

A bum spies the new,
shiny cart and wants in on
it. He accosts Tim.

Tim needs it for food
transport. He resists. Squabble
ensures. Who wins this?

Surprisingly, the
bum has supreme physical
strength. Overthrows Tim.

he also accidentally
overthrows the cart.

Right in the canal.
It’s eventually swept
into the ocean.


John has been obsessed
with shipwrecks ever since Jack
and Rose graced big screen.

So much so that he
started to excavate deep
sea shipwrecks for fun.

It’s an expensive
hobby but after 20
years, the time is here.

John is going to
excavate SS Safeway,
his fantasy wreck.

The passengers were
sorta rich, making it a
target for pirates.

But the boat caught fire
before land and sunk. Now the
booty is John’s. Arrrgh!

It’s a small player
as far as wreckage goes, but
it’s in John’s budget.

Plus, the more expert
excavators already
got the good shipwrecks.

Before the dive, he
pumps himself up with music.
“My Heart Will Go On.”

With excitement in
his heart, he dives to the sea
floor. And… cart.

His heart sinks as hard
as the cart did on the day
the bum sealed its fate.

Not to waste 20
years of planning, he pulls up
the old shopping cart.

And peddles it to
a bum (a descendant of
the root cause of this).

My, how times have changed.
Bum scoffs at the barnacles
and dumps in canal.