Lizzy the hiker
loves trail mix. She carries it
freakin’ everywhere.

Raisins, peanuts and
M&M’s. Portable food
supply for her hikes.

One day, Lizzy went
into the city to shop
at REI. Bliss!

But city things have
changed. Everybody has so-
called “food allergies.”

To every damn thing.
Gluten. Dairy. Soy Peanuts.
That means you, trail mix.

REI is now
Nut Free Zone. Is this the life
we are living now?

Lizzy rebels and
brings trail mix into store. The
nut police detect.

Confiscate they try
but she won’t let go. She won’t
go without. Ever.

Defeated, she leaves
the store. Her pricy hiking
gear creates target.

For muggers. Slick Jim
sees her. Goes in for attack.
But he smells her breath.

Trail Mix. Slick Jim has
inyaphobia- fear of
raisins (it’s a thing).

He screams like a girl
as he runs away. Lizzy
throws handfuls at him.

Then she cries because
she wasted so much good mix
on the dirty ground.

Still has 4 pounds left
but realizes that the
city’s not her place.

She returns to the
mountains with her dear trail mix.
Nuts always welcome.