Mitch grew up reading
Sherlock Holmes (and Nancy Drew-
shh, it’s his secret.)

But his detective
career path dream was just crushed.
He failed the exam.

The written portion.
Situational judgment
is not his forte.

Instead of taking
the hint, he freelances as
private detective.

He needs a job and
has too much pride to settle
for less than his dream.

(Plus, he just bought a
bunch of pricey spy gear with
his dad’s credit card.)

Using Facebook Ads,
he snags first client. A spouse
cheating assignment.

Mitch tracks Vicky, the
wife, with GPS device.
Trails her to the beach.

Equipped with disguise,
poses as photo vendor.
Surveillance is on.

He even has a
microphone disguised as a
highlighter marker.

His Photogenic
name tag reads Gavin. He found
it in the bathroom.

Vicky, tans and swims
alone, while Mitch pretends to
capture photo ops.

All is boring. Then,
the actions starts. Mitch spies an
unattended tote.

The push-cart ice cream
vendor calmly steals two phones
out of the backpack.

Demonstrating poor
situational judgement,
Mitch accosts vendor.

Ralph, the vendor, lobs
a Choco Taco at Mitch.
Trauma is triggered.

Mitch is reminded
of childhood. Kids would bully
him when he would cry.

When the ice cream truck
was out of Choco Tacos
he would cry. Friends laughed.

Demonstrating poor
situational judgement,
Mitch tackles vendor.

Ralph is agile and
flees. Police are on the scene.
(You know what I mean.)

They recognize Mitch
from the detective exam
and how bad he failed.

They are itching to
issue him a citation.
Do they have cause? Yes.

Photo vending on
public property without
a proper permit.

He tries to explain
that “Gavin” is a charade.
They laugh. He’s triggered.

Demonstrating poor
situational judgment,
he scuffles with them.

And gets arrested.
Meanwhile, Vicky is making
out with her boyfriend.