Target run today!
“I only need a few things.”
Target delusion.

Kim wants to look cute.
Hair done. Lipstick. A-line skirt.
“Which shoes should I wear?”

Merona camel
6-inch heels. Open toed to
show off new mani.

Got them on sale at
Target. Shocker. Also bought
black and red pair.

Kim hops in Honda.
As she pulls in parking lot,
overcome by joy.

Bullseye awesomeness
starts now. Grabs basket. “Only
getting a few things.”

“First, I need Starbucks.”
Shopping pick-me-up. Also,
trendy thing to do.

Can’t hold basket with
coffee. Switches out for red
cart. Pulls out the list.

3 things. Cotton balls,
shampoo and toilet paper.
Only these 3 things.

Starts in Beauty aisle.
“What a cute end display! I
need all of these things!”

Eye cream, face mask, hair
voluminizer, Essie
nail polish, lotion!

“Oh look! Throw pillows!”
Distractions are abundant
at every turn.

One-dollar section.
Clothing and accessories.
Kitchen and bedding.

Everything looks so
enticing. Merchandising
perfection on point.

One hour later…
Cart full. Feet throbbing. 6-inch
heels were bad idea.

Checkout. Pack of gum?
How about 3? And gossip
mag. And Eos balm.

Damage: one hundred
and thirty-one dollars and
seventy-three cents.

“I saved 5%
with Target Red Card!” Negates
shock of high receipt.

Can ‘t take one more step.
Feet are in pain. Need to get
to car but can’t walk.

“I hate these shoes! I
am never wearing again!”
*Removes in a rage*

Abandons 6-inch
camel Meronas in lot.
Ankle straps and all.