Something old- check. Tucked
in Carrie’s bridal bra is
a picture of Frank.

Her ex. She can’t get
over him even though she
is marrying Dave.

Something new- check. Her
new iPhone is on vibrate
and in panty hose.

*Buzz buzz* The vibrate
at her low back startles, then
intrigues. Who is it?

Frank. She can’t resist
answering. She longs to hear
his voice one more time.

Something borrowed- check.
Time. The ceremony starts
now. But Frank comes first.

“Listen, I know that
you are getting hitched with Dave.
But I don’t want that.

I love you. It was
a mistake to break up with
you. Please take me back.”

Something blue- check. Her
Blue Mazda. She drives away.
Throws veil out window.

Reunited with
Frank, Carrie lives happily
ever after. But…

It’s not what you think.
After she went back to Frank,
he screwed up again.

Since she came back to
him so effortlessly, he
made false assumption.

He thought he was the
master persuader. So he
broke her heart again.

He broke up with her
to travel the world as knife
salesman. Ginsu knives.

But Carrie is a
better persuader than Frank
is. And more cunning.

She talked him into
selling her a cutlery
set. Shiny and sharp.

Then she disappeared.
A woman scorned who owns knives.
Frank lives life in fear.

Carrie’s revenge worked
out perfectly and she is
on her third husband.

Why her third? Is she
having too much fun with knives?
Take it as you wish.