Jamming to Katy
Perry on her AirPods at
the bus stop, Carrie.

Never mind that she
is hairy, totally in
love with her, Barry.

Entranced by hair, blonde
strawberry, totally in
love with her, Jerry.

Stranger convos she’s
wary, so finds the bus stop
boys ordinary.

But they have their own
necessary agendas:
a wifey, Carrie.

Barry abuses
apothecary career.
Makes potion, cherry.

Love potion flavored
cherry. He shall mix it in
a cocktail, sherry.

Jerry, head clerk at
library, has novel plan.

He writes a poem
on stationary. His prose

Both plans to win love,
scary, (to say the least). But
the lure of Carrie…

Potion test first on
itinerary, Barry’s
try: a canary.

He stole it from the
aviary. Two drops fed
to the canary.

Gets sick, develops
dysentery. He’s handcuffed
for theft. Oh, Barry.

He saves up for the
commissary to buy some
gifts for dear Carrie.

On the outside, there’s
Jerry, still in the running.
Not secondary.

Along with the prose,
prairie flowers, fresh from the
same aviary.

But something to the
contrary, pupils dilate,
doc necessary.

Not fatal, so no
obituary, but sun-
glasses help, stare-y.

Heads to the bus stop,
February rain. Now, he
IS secondary.

Jerry’s been cock-blocked
by Gary. The concrete guy.
The sidewalk fairy.

Trowel carrying
Gary, he’s in love with bus
passenger, Carrie.

In the background, spies
Barry and Jerry but thinks
he deserves Carrie.

Draws a heart, looks like
a berry, on the sidewalk
for his sweet Carrie.

The cold rain pours down,
February rain, engulfs
sidewalk heart. Jerry?

They come head-to-head,
very determined. Which one
will win heart (Carrie’s)?

Here she comes, singing
Katy Perry, holding hands
with boyfriend, Perry.

But she dumps him for
Terry. She trusts him more. He’s