Ivy can’t find her
specialty as a design

Each idea flops.
First, she produces clothing.
The sketches are great!

But sewing is not
her craft. She stiches her own
fingers more than once.

After numerous
sewing machine accidents,
she abandons shop.

And turns to photos.
She starts out with wedding shots.
Fancy! Glamour! Not.

She’s overwhelmed by
lenses, lighting, focal length,
rude guests, bridezillas.

Ivy gives up self-
employed dreams for a normal
photography job.

The only job she
can get is taking mug shots
at the local jail.

Unhappy and broke,
Ivy needs a change. She goes
to her happy place.

The wishing well. She
usually watches others,
but today’s her turn.

Standing in front of
the enchanting fountain, she
closes her eyes tight.

Throwing in her last
shiny penny, she yells “I
wish for a change!” *Plop*

Finn, the wishing well
fairy, sneezes mid-wish. She
hears “I wish for change!”

Accustomed to asks
for abundant money and
love, Finn is perplexed.

“What a dreadful wish,”
Finn thinks. She feels the need to
spice things up a bit.

On Ivy’s walk home,
she steps in a spilled, piña
colada Slurpee.

Her size 7 shoes
are perfectly primed for the
next literal step.

Ivy walks on change
scattered on the sidewalk. Finn
magically assists.

7 pennies stick
in the shape of a flower
on bottom of shoe.

It matches the bloom
tread! “Wish complete,” Finn declares.
Gracefully exits.

Ivy still has eight
more blocks to walk. The pennies
stress the ball of foot.

The next day she has
metatarsalgia so
bad, she calls in sick.

She gets shit canned from
her mug shot career and is
on bed rest all week.

As her foot heals, she
binge watches HGTV.
A passion is born.

She redecorates
her entire home. And she’s
good at it! Hell yes.

Finally finding
her niche, she starts up a new
business- with success!