Peter wakes up at
6am. Long day ahead.
Starts his morning brew.

Coffee percolates
as he plots his next victim
(serial killer).

As always, he dumps
the grinds in the sink’s garbage
disposal. Not good.

(He also grinds his
casualties there.) With a
groan, motor burns out.

Apparently, he
doesn’t know not to put bones
and grinds in those blades.

Upset that this fix
will disturb his rigid plans,
He calls a plumber.

Cooper is old school
and sports exposed crack. Peter
just wants him to leave.

Delivery men
are his targets and FedEx
should roll around soon.

Cooper senses that
something’s amiss. Rushes off
after the repair.

He dumps the Badger
disposal in the alley
before driving off.

Nearly getting hit
by a FedEx truck, Rusty
spies a dumpster dive.

Closer inspection
reveals discarded Badger
garbage disposal.

His juvenile mind
snickers. He has a buddy
who enjoys “beavers.”

Even though they are
entirely different
animals, he laughs.

Badger sounds the same.
He pilfers disposal to
prank beaver buddy.

Blood-curdling screams sound
from Peter’s house. Then silence.
Rusty must flee. NOW.

FedEx truck remains
in park. Rusty’s klepto urge
consumes. Auto theft.

The ghost of Dan, the
FedEx man, doesn’t like theft
or disposal pranks.

Overall, he feels
bitter about being killed.
Takes up ghost hobby.

Poltergeist-ing. As
Rusty drives the FedEx truck,
boxes elevate.

Rusty doesn’t mess
around, he abandons truck/
garbage disposal.

Dan’s plumber ghost friend
wishes to give the Badger
proper burial.

(It’s a good InSink-
Erator, a 5xp,
for crying out loud!)

They can’t find shovels
in purgatory, so they
set up a grass shrine.