Allie, a retired
luge athlete, contemplates her
second place status.

Two games in a row,
she earned silver in Winter
Olympics, not gold.

The coveted gold
metal was awarded to
Germany. Olga.

Olga’s an even
mix: Pippi Longstocking and
Princess Fiona.

But she’s a better
driver and her neck muscles
are unparalleled.

Therefore, deserving.
But Allie is done with this
always #2.

With Olympic life
behind her, she needs a new
job for a paycheck.

Her skin is wrecked from
years of training in the cold.
Solution is clear.

A Spa Manager.
Free facials and a chance for
#1 in sales.

She scores a job at
a new, five-star, luxury
boutique, hotel spa!

In addition to
spa operations, observes
hotel’s ins and outs.

The restaurant schedule,
housekeeping, fitness center,
concierge help desk.

And deliveries.
Kevin, the UPS man,
is quite attractive.

Booty looks fine in
brown Dickies. And the way he
handles that dolly…

Allie gets a hot
flash just thinking about it.
Not so fast, Allie.

The fake redhead at
check-in has already got
her claws in Kevin.

But he hasn’t bit
yet. And has exchanged flirty
eyes with our Allie.

She refuses to
be #2 anymore.
Solution: Astor.

Astor is Allie’s
friend, practices black magic.
She brews elixir.

Upon first sip, it
warms Allie’s heart. Then, begins
itching, burning rash.

Strike 1. Version 2
is crystal ceremony
with rose quartz, of course.

But results in a
text from Allie’s ex-boyfriend.
Target missed. Strike 2.

Astor needs to clear
her energy but Allie
ain’t got time for that.

She takes matters in
her own hands. Borrows luggage
cart from bellboy, Doug.

When Kevin rolls up
to the loading dock, Allie
luges luggage cart.

Steering isn’t quite
the same as a luge, but she
manages downhill.

Until she doesn’t,
and crashes into a snow
bank, flies like the wind.

She doesn’t have the
good fortune to see that, yes,
Kevin is impressed.

She does however
meet a hot paramedic
in the ambulance.

But he has a strict
policy and does not mix
business with pleasure.