Juan and John. Working
in a taco truck. “Juan, I
am sick of tacos.

After work, let’s get
Italian.” “Bien y
cervezas.” “Fo sho.”

First stop is store for
beer. “Corona?” “Domestic-
Coors Light.” “Barato.”

At supermarket,
Barilla pasta on sale.
“Let’s cook spaghetti!”

Buy Coors Light for now,
noodles for later. Drinking
in park. All is well.

Until… Juan spots the
guy. The guy who asked for mild
sauce. But they served hot.

Extra spicy hot
sauce that’s really hot. As a
joke. Now here he is.

The guy sees los dos
amigos. Anger erupts
like a volcano.

Chase ensues. Beer and
discount pasta discarded.
The guy was too slow.