Stan describes himself
as environmentalist.
But logic is flawed.

He wants to arson
Simon’s science lab because
he tests on fruit flies.

Stan is above harm
to the Earth (less pollution
from illegal fire).

But not above crime.
Not a nocturnal expert,
he makes un-wise choice.

He wears a vintage,
bright orange Tory Richards shirt.
Too conspicuous.

But trendy. It’s not
his go-to bamboo fiber
but he loves the print.

He grabs a handful
of granola on his way
out. Crumbs fall to ground.

Unbalancing the
ecosystem. A Piping
Plover pecks and chokes.

The last male of the
species, now unable to
reproduce. Extinct.

Stan arrives at the
lab on his unicycle
and finds a surprise.

Simon left window
ajar to circulate air
from chemical spill.

The smell stings his nose
but curiosity gets
Stan every time.

He squeezes through and
explores the lab. He finds a
container of pills.

‘24 Karat
Magic’ states the label. Head
to toe so player.

He cannot resist
a reference to his man crush.
He dry-swallows pill.

He can’t see it but
all but his vintage shirt is
now invisible.

And his confidence
is through the roof. Arson plan
aborted, he splits.

He takes it out to
the streets to experience
Bruno Mars freshness.

But is disturbed to
find that everybody
is afraid of him.

(I don’t know, could it
be that he’s been reduced to
a Hawaiian shirt?)

The floating shirt looks
at his reflection at a
storefront window pane.

To himself, he looks
normal. Feeling all alone,
hugs his only friend.

A 98 year
old palm tree. The tree enjoys
the love…but that shirt.

Jealousy causes
tree theft of shirt off Stan’s back
to keep as décor.

It’s like the Giving
Tree but reversed. Stan writes a
poem about it.

Luckily, the failed
prototype pill effects are
just temporary.

The next morning, Stan
wakes up visible but sans
his favorite shirt.