Chelsey, a former
(has been) gymnast, decides to
revive her hobby.

After a night out
with friends. It seemed like a good
idea at the time.

Donned in slim fit jeans
and high heels, she performs her
old high beam routine.

On a metal rail.
Back in her heyday, piece of
cake. Today, danger.

“Maybe you should at
least take off your heels.” “Concrete
will hurt if you fall.”

Her friends forewarn. But
Chelsey is foolish and backed
by liquid courage.

She is taken back
to her glory days. The crowd,
the lights, the music.

The competition.
Her arch rival, Tess, always
just one step ahead.

“I bet Tess can’t do
a jump press swing to handstand
these days like I can.”

Reality hits.
Hard. Her ankle gives out on
round off back layout.

Normally, this would
be bad. But not today. Dave
is passing by her.

On his way to his
tour boat docked in the river.
He catches Chelsey.

Her knight in shining
armor (except a Polo
shirt and a name tag).

As always, rash with
her decision making, she
falls madly in love.

Barefoot, Dave leads her
to his tour boat, where she meets
his pregnant wife, Tess.

Tess jump press swings to
handstand round off back layout
on the tour boat rail.

Things are still the same.
Her arch rival, Tess, is one
(or two) steps ahead.