Justin is getting
his summer body on. Six
pack is visible.

He even works legs,
unlike most of the bros in
the gym. Beast mode on.

But Bartending tips
aren’t enough to justify
his high-end gym fees.

He goes for a run
to burn fat and figure out
how to earn more cash.

His lungs gasp in the
thick heat and humidity.
No water bottle.

Sweat is pouring down
his muscle striations. He
needs to cool down fast.

He runs past fancy
house with a private backyard
and a swimming pool.

I’ll make it fast he
thinks as he jumps the tall, black
iron bar fencing.

He dives in with ease,
icy water refreshes.
He hops right back out.

Just then, a group of
partying, boujee cougars
come out of the house.

Justin halts in fear,
his blue shorts sagging below
his Adonis belt.

Simone thinks he is
the male dancer she hired for
Claire’s divorce party.

He starts to protest
but then sees the cougars pull
out their dollar bills.

He refocuses
his eyes and can see Jackson.
Twenty-dollar bills!

And they are making
it rain. He needs the money
for gym membership.

Luckily, they have
music on deck. He takes his
cue and starts to dance.

He is shy at first,
but quickly warms up as the
cougars cheer and shriek.

They stuff money in
his drenched shorts. The paper is
soggy (but ample).

“Take it off!” one gal
inevitably yells. They
all chime in the chant.

Justin hesitates
(shrinkage) but the stream of cash
activates his greed.

As they pull more bills
from their designer handbags,
he takes it all off.

Flung aside are his
running and compression shorts.
Gaiety ensues.

The cougars love him.
They all undress and gather
in Claire’s jacuzzi.

Meanwhile, the real
stripper, John, shows up dressed in
his pool boy costume.

They already had
a strip show and his role play
is convincing. So…

Simone thinks he is
the pool boy. She wraps in a
monogram towel.

And asks John to come
back another time. He can
see the jacuzzi.

This other dude stole
my gig! John departs, but not
without some revenge.

On his way out, he
pilfers Justin’s wet draws. Throws
them in neighbor’s lawn.

But the joke is on
John. After Justin is done
with the show, he leaves.

Or at least tries to.
But he can’t find his clothes. Where
are his running shorts?

No worries. Claire gives
him one of her ex-husband’s
Gucci suits to wear.