Buon appetito!
Sunday dinner at mom’s house.
True Italians.

Lots of food and wine.
We usually love her home
cooked preparations.

But lately something
has changed. Strange ingredient
add-ons have appeared.

Chia seeds, wheatgrass,
acai berries, kale, soy,
quinoa, dairy-free.

What does this mean for
Sunday dinner? Gluten free,
vegan spaghetti.

Mamma mia! Not
edible. I say “Can’t stay.”
Mom’s feelings are hurt.

So I grab a plate
to go for “later.” Foil wrapped.
Mom says I need fork.

In case I taste in
car (as if). No plastic forks.
I take metal. Ciao!

Car parked on street. Put
plate on roof of car while I
search pockets for keys.

See something on my
sweater- mom’s spaghetti. Find
keys, wipe off sweater.

“Lose Yourself” lyrics
stuck in head now. Distracted.
Start car. Music. Go.

Spaghetti plate flies.
Oops! Forgot it on roof. Don’t
remember until….

Mom calls. She found it
on sidewalk. A dog (or a
person?) ate some. Gross.

She says “Don’t worry.
there is plenty leftover.”
Ha! No surprise there.