Beach day! Sun, sand, breeze.
Beach towels. Check. Sunscreen. Check.
SPF 30.

New hair extensions
to impress Mike the lifeguard.
But will he notice?

Katie, Ashley’s arch
rival, does. “Bow down bitch. Mike
is mine” (to herself).

Ashley rents a board
for stand-up paddle. Converse,
Katie rents Sea-Doo.

Intention: make waves.
Metaphor and literal.
Objective: wet hair.

If Ashley’s new weave
gets wet today, it will be
ruined (evil laugh).

Ashely paddles with
ease. Still waters. Peace. Until….
*Zoom* *Swerve* *Splish* *Woo Splash*

Rush of cold water.
New hair extensions submerged.
Op Wet Hair- success.

One by one hair clumps
fall out as Ashley quickly
swims back to her board.

Too late. New hair is
floating in lake. “Oh no! I
hope Mike doesn’t see!”

Where is lifeguard Mike?
Vigilant as usual.
He spots floating dog.

It’s a drowning dog!
Mike mentally rehearses
life saving techniques.

Dives in and swims to
pup. “What the…? This isn’t a
dog. Hair extensions?!?”

Dutiful, outs hair
from lake. Conclusion: Mike did
notice Ashely’s hair.