Evel Knievel
is Tony’s man crush. Daring!
Brave! Adventurous!

Girls like those kind of
traits, right? A loner with no
friends, he wants that zest.

To pursue a life
of dare devil-ry, he starts
off with the basics.

Popping wheelies on
his bicycle. Then he builds
a ramp to jump stuff.

Then he builds a ramp
that’s bigger so he can jump
further and faster!

He actually
gets pretty good at bike stunts.
He draws decent crowds.

But he still isn’t
earning much cash. And girls aren’t
knocking down his door.

There must be more. That’s
when the brain light bulb turns on-
start doing car stunts!

But how? His only
ride is his dad’s old Chevy
truck- too old to stunt.

Or is it? Tony
is super confident from
his bike stunt success.

But he’s cautious (and
a math nerd). He calculates
the variables.

In his comp book- speed,
acceleration, truck weight
and velocity.

According to his
calcs, he will soar as high as
the mighty oak trees!

No need to do a
practice run, mathematics say
it will all work out.

The big day arrives.
A large crowd (with cute girls) is
expected to show.

To pay homage to
Evel, Tony purchases
custom made jumpsuit.

On his way to pick
it up from the tailor, dog
darts in front of truck.

Tony swerves. Dog is
safe but the Chevy is now
wedged in road side trees.

Tony freaks out. The
jump is today! He needs the
truck to do the stunt.

Try as he might, he
can’t get it unstuck. He starts
walking to get help.

Dejected that he
will be late and disappoint
the fans (and the girls).

As he nears a gas
station, he spots something. A
lottery ticket!

An untouched scratch off.
Until now. Tony scratches.
And wins! Rich for life!

Not in need of an
old Chevy truck anymore,
it remains in trees.

30 years later,
the trees have grown, embedded
with Tony’s dad’s truck.