Pizza for lunch break.
“Once cheese slice to go.” Jill is

Prancing along on
way back to work. Storefront sign:
“Free Ice Cream Cones Here!”

But first one hundred
customers only. Jill waits
patiently. Long line.

Stomach growls. Opens
pizza box. Pepperoni!?!
Too hungry to care.

Picks off meat. Drools at
display of ice cream flavors.
All look so yummy.

Jill’s next in line. “One
scoop of chocolate in chocolate
dipped waffle cone, please.”

“Oh sorry, you are
one hundred and one. Five bucks.”
“Five dollars?!” Rip off.

But Jill pays and is
on her way. Busy crosswalk.
Distracted by car.

“Bumper buddy on
an old, gray car. Why?” *Swoosh* *Splat*
So….what happened here?

Jimmy John’s freaky
fast bike delivery. Too
fast. Drops pizza box.

And five-dollar cone.
Jill dejected. Tim spies a
cute dejected girl.

Approaches. Invites
her on ice cream date. One year
later: wedding bells.

If you are having
a bad day. Always chance for
a happy ending.