Always a bridesmaid,
never a bride. Now Amber
is a godmother.

And baby shower
organizer. Ugh, the games
are so horrible.

Especially, the
candy bar in diaper one.
Who comes up with these?

She purchases the
twin’s Bro Sis stroller gift from
Macy’s registry.

The price lights up the
screen and a pit forms in her
stomach. So pricey.

Amber has wanted
to backpack Europe, but no.
She can’t afford it.

She had to buy a
present for Marie’s bridal
shower. A cake knife.

An overpriced knife,
engraved and silver, only
to be used one time.

Then, the wedding in
Maldives. Flight, hotel, bridesmaid
dress, shoes, manicure.

More costs for Marie’s
bachelorette party and
fancy wedding gift.

Then, the pregnancy.
Of course, they are having twins.
Baby gifts x2.

First, gender reveal
party and now the shower.
Reality hits.

Amber’s card- declined.
Macy’s associate tries
again. No. Nope. Not.

Up to her eyeballs
in debt, Amber somberly
strolls out of Macy’s.

She plots a heist to
shoplift the stroller for the
twin’s baby shower.

Surveillance is key.
She learns security guard’s
shifts. Inside intel.

She befriended a
disgruntled Clinique counter
clerk who spilled it all.

Including a work-
around for anti-theft tags.
Amber is equipped.

(With knowledge and free
moisturizer samples.) Time
for execution.

Heart racing, sweaty
palms, but nonchalant and cool
as a cucumber.

‘Operation Grand
Theft Stroller’ is a success!

Complete with drama,
Amber has emotional
breakdown on the street.

Amber has funded
Marie’s life for the past two
years. Enough’s enough.

Stroller abandoned,
she marches into Macy’s.
Sets up registry.

Creates wish list for
her backpacking trip and sends

her peer group is confused. A
backpacking shower?

She doesn’t market
it well enough and the whole
idea flops. Then…

She receives email
from Macy’s- her registry
is complete. What? How?

Someone bought her all
of her wish lift gifts. Joey,
a happy camper.

Literally. He’s
a truly happy guy who
enjoys backpacking.

He won the lotto
and has been camping around
the world, spreading love.

And money. Amber
is now the hub of Joey’s
joy. She rubs her eyes.

Is this a dream? A
fully funded backpacking
Macy’s registry!

And a partner in
travel. He wants to journey
the globe together.

But Amber’s past comes
back to haunt. Arrested for
her petty theft crime.