Dana hates the sun
and only comes out at night.
Vampire, if you will.

She loves to dance in
the buff but, regrettably,
lives on the ground floor.

Interior lights
plus darkness of night equals
many spectators.

Tired of peeping
Tom’s (and Tina’s), she boarded
up all her windows.

(She’s also lazy.
Now she doesn’t have to draw
the shades up and down.)

The attention she
hated, she now misses. And
she craves the moonlight.

Un-boarding is too
much work, so she takes her nude
jetés to the street.


Marie and her man,
Tom, like to role play Disney’s
Beauty and the Beast.

“Marie, the baguettes!
Hurry up!” is the key quote
that gets her going.

Tom is frisky, so
he walks to the store to buy
a loaf of French bread.

(Plus, he’s hungry for
French toast afterward. And for
breakfast tomorrow.)

With an extra spring
in his step, he heads to the
late night bakery.

They stay open late
because Marie and Tom keep
them in business. *Wink*


Erin pushes her
stroller with a life-like doll
baby. It’s a prop.

People hold doors and
she gets priority seats
on the crowded bus.

In general, it
elicits nicer manners
from society.

Some bus passengers
are getting suspicious. She
senses judging eyes.

Too proud to discard
of the prop, she changes her
bus route and board time.

It doesn’t work. Rob,
a regular rider, smells
a rat. He’s waiting.


The city declared
a water ration due to
a record drought streak.

Paige just got home from
90-minute hot yoga
to find no water.

Her roommate used the
last of it brushing her teeth.
No shower for Paige.

But Paige knows where the
emergency valve is in
back of her garden.

She’s in a hurry
because she’s hangry but can’t
eat until bathing.

It’s against her slight
obsessive-compulsive rules.
She only eats bathed.


Dana tour jetés
on the sidewalk outside of
the boarded windows.

Marie texts Tom that
she’s in the mood. He breaks out
in Usain Bolt sprint.

Citizen’s arrest
is declared by Rob. Erin
runs, stroller and all.

The hunger monster
takes over Paige’s body.
She darts to the valve.

The timing of the
universe aligns and all
four amblers collide.

Dazed and confused, they
all walk home and pretend it
never happened. Right?

Except Tom. He dropped
the loaf of French bread. No role
play or French toast. Damn.