Enzo dresses for
an all-white yacht party. But
his white lacks freshness.

He launders clothes and
starches- crisp as an apple!
White boat shoes complete.

He’s equipped with a
white elephant gift for the
top secret exchange.

Appearance is clean.
Morals are not. He’s trading
for another white.

A suitcase full of
Columbian cocaine his
drug lord requested.

He hires a white stretch
limo but the driver drops
him off at wrong dock.

This is a black tie
party. But it’s lit AF.
(That’s what the kids say).

The exchange can wait.
He tells a white lie about
being white collar.

They let him on the
boat. He approaches the bar,
turns white as a ghost.

Mel is here. Enzo
blackmailed him two years ago.
Money for silence.

Enzo discovered
Mel’s black-market organ sting.
The extortion worked.

They hadn’t seen each
other since. Until now. The
tension overflows.

Surprisingly, Mel
does not blacklist him from the
boat and lets him stay.

Not surprisingly,
Mel’s intentions are dark. He
is Mel’s next victim.

He plans to drug him
tonight and steal his kidneys.
Karma is a bitch.

Mel suavely slips a
Roofie in Enzo’s iced White
Russian, then lays low.

Enzo meets Lilith.
Her beauty is breathtaking.
Teeth are pearly white.

Her form-fitting black
(or is it navy blue?) dress
reveals all her curves.

Her glass of white wine
appears to be boiling. He’s
dizzy. Vision blurs.

She invites him to
bedroom to “lie down.” She’s part
of the organ ring.

She seduces him
by slowing taking off his
clothes. Very slowly.

Like, so slowly that
she unties his shoes first. But
she doesn’t get far.

Only after a
few eyelets in on left shoe,
everything goes black.


Enzo wakes up on
a picnic table in the
park. He’s buck naked.

Except for his shoes.
They are soaked. His body aches.
What happened last night?

They didn’t steal his
kidneys because they found his
Black Card in wallet.

It was tidier
to steal that than to perform
organ removal.

To dispose of him,
they threw him overboard. How
did Enzo survive?

He has no inkling.
Naked and alone, but with
a new lease on life.

He raises a white
flag by giving up his life
(and shoes) of scandal.