Francine, a Master
Gardener, is the envy
of all the neighbors.

Especially, the
next door neighbor, Gladys, who
yearns to befriend her.

She wants to learn her
green thrumb secrets to grow her
own magical patch.

Francine is anti-social.
So much so, she hides.

She wants to garden
solo so she can sing and
dance to Hip Hop songs.

Alone. In peace. With
no other people to deal
with or socialize.

To avoid Gladys,
and everyone else, she wears
a wig in public.

She doesn’t want to
get roped into an awkward
convo. Small talk hurts.

One morning, Francine
embarks on an errand to
purchase an accent.

A much desired
urban beehive to top off
garden wonderland.

Intent on mission,
she doesn’t notice the wind.
A strong gust blasts through.

Wind so strong, snatches
Francine’s wig right off her head,
mid-step in crosswalk.

Embarrassment. Then
delayed reaction nervous
anxiety hits.

Francine wigs out (Get
it?) in the street. Fear engulfs
the core of her soul.

UPS man with
a nice butt comes to her side.
He wants to help her.

The UPS man
singlehandedly changes
Francine’s life around.

His compassion warms
her heart. And it erases

She talks with him and
then goes about her errand,
chatting with people.

The mailman, the dog
walker and the construction
workers on lunch break.

Francine discovers
that she actually likes to
be social sans wig.

She even makes some
friends at the local bee keep.
They plan a bee bash!

As for Gladys, she
still dreads the fated run-in
upon return home.

But she sees Gladys
on porch singing, dancing to
Cardi B. Her fave!

Francine joins her and
the former anti-social,
becomes BFF.