As usual, stakes
are high between neighbors for
title of the best.

Christmas lights display
in Tinsel Valley Estates.
Contest all in fun.

Not. Shit is going
down. Dan and Vix, defending
their title, are fierce.

Don and Pran are a
touch less intense. Prefer a
clever, stealth attack.

Dash and Blitz are new
on the block, but no strangers
to decking the halls.

Rudy just sits back
and grins, sipping his eggnog.
Oily nose shining.

Not above playing
dirty, Vix seduces Dash.
Not on Blitz’s watch.

Blitz serves Dan a hot
toddy, adding to the spice.
It doesn’t matter.

Dash and Dan don’t take
the bait. They are focused on
untangling their lights.

Pran joins in on the
distraction technique in an
artistic manner.

Bluetooth speaker is
on. Presses play. Assumes her
position in street.

“Down, down, do your dance,
do your dance.” Cupid! Rather,
The Cupid Shuffle.

Generally, a
group dance. At the very least,
Dan should know the steps.

I mean, he does. Dan
is a dancer, of course. But
beat doesn’t entice.

Vix steps it up. No
more child’s play. She serves it up-
fruitcake recipe.

The super secret
ingredient- mistletoe.
How sweet of dear Vix.

Not. MT is cute
when standing under. Eating
is highly toxic.

(Just like Vix.) No one
even likes fruitcake so this
is a massive flop.

All of the homes are
almost finished. It’s a close
one. All look extra.

Just as Rudy, the
judge, prepares to assess the
flair, a comet strikes.

Not a comet. The
Comet. No, not that one. The
dog. Rudy’s husky.

Who rallies other
dogs, who totally destroy
lawn lights and decor.

Rudy’s home escapes
unscathed, therefore earning him
champion status.

Because this relieves
the neighbors of their egos,
changes perspectives.

Now all the neighbors
love him. With glee they shout out,
“You made history!”