After pandemic
induced opium harvest
slump, Dan suffers angst.

His illegal drug
production operation
supply chain breaks down.

Shortages, increase
in prices, reduction in
purity, hits hard.

No more making it
rain, Dan holds his stack of cash
and ponders future.

Marketable skills
for licit work, he has none.
COVID still full force.

He settles for a
job transfer trafficking drugs.
High risk, high reward.

Especially air
trafficking. Dan receives first
travel assignment.

He is to pick up
red suitcase off carousel
4 at JFK.

Board flight 52
to Central America
secret location.

Handoff suitcase and
return to U.S. Reward
is high, so are stakes.

Beads of sweat roll down
Dan’s neck as he patiently
stalks baggage claim 4.

There are several
suitcases that fit profile
of the drug luggage.

He narrows it down
to two. Yes, that is the one!
Lifts off conveyor.

He can tell by the
weight this is the one. Next stop
Customs. Act normal.

Dan stutters through the
questions. Officer glances
at the luggage tag.

Lets him pass. He lands
in Central America.
Drops off the drug load.

Flies home. The Drug Lords
pick up the red suitcase and
inspect the raw goods.

Unzipping luggage
reveals a suitcase full of

This botch may cost them
their lives. They flee to neighbor
country to start fresh.

Dan picked up Danny’s
red bag. He is on mission
trip in Honduras.

Danny opens up
the red suitcase at children’s
shelter. Food for all!

Except his suitcase
is chock-full with fresh drug bricks.
That’s OK, new plan.

He sells the drugs and
builds a new school. One problem.
They need some teachers.

They hire three men right
away. Two with expensive
jewelry and watches.

From neighbor country.
And Dan, U.S. refugee
new to Honduras.