Blair, DIY-er
at heart, attempting her own
Brazilian wax.

But she ordered too
much wax on Amazon. Full
body wax ensues.

There is still a lot
left, so she orders a book
on candle making.

how to make the wicks. At last,
Wiccan book arrives.

But wait, this book is
about witch spells. She opens
to beauty chapter.

Blair has always been
self-conscious about her large
forehead. Could this help?

She’s especially
intrigued because she knows why
witches ride broomsticks.

(Google it.) Alas,
that is not in the book. She
preps the beauty spell.

As she listens to
beats of lo-fi hip hop, stands
in front of mirror.

Splashes her face with
water charged by full moon and
infused with crystals.

As she chants: “Big ole
forehead smaller be, please and
thanks, so mote it be.”

After washing her
face, she pats clean, witch hazel
on a rose petal.

She lights up purple
candle (store bought, she never
bought wick making book.)

Before blowing out
the match, she burns rose petal
in the face water.

Then drinks it. Begins
face rolling with a rose quartz
roller. Relaxing…

So relaxing that
she falls asleep before the
final forehead chant.

Blair wakes up to a
crow cawing. She rushes to
the bathroom mirror.

Her forehead looks the
same. She has hangover from
burnt rose moon water.

She rushes to the
toilet to empty it back
out, rose chunks and all.

The doorbell rings. The
neighbor’s dog howls. Blair opens
door and sees black cat.

Lounging on top of
the VCR on her door-
step. She picks it up.

Black cat skedaddles.
A Panasonic machine
like Blair use to have.

But Blair’s model from
1995 was a
tad larger. She reads.

The crisp white letters
on the insert flap. Spell worked,
but not as she planned.

Instead of a less
large forehead, she created
a smaller 4-head.