Despite having a
man’s name herself, Billie is
man-hater at heart.

It all goes back to
a situation in year

With an ex-boyfriend,
involving a striped sweater
at the mall (The Gap).

She became fiercely
independent, never to
rely on a man.

She changes her own
oil, remodels her bathroom,
opens pickle jars.

Changes lightbulbs. But
after changing a bulb one
day, still doesn’t work.

She re-wires all of
the electricity in
her home. Still not fixed.

Fixture doesn’t work
at all now. Surely not from
her total redo.

Electric supply
must be to blame. Doesn’t dare
call the supplier.

She knows electric
company will send a MAN
to inspect issue.

Billie spends days on
research for “Operation
Lights Fixed- I Hate Men.”

She even stalks the
electric company at
work on other sites.

But finds it hard to
pay attention when man rage
is on high alert.

She buys the proper
safety attire and gloves- the
insulated kind.

Her Timberland PRO
TiTAN composite safety-
toe boots look trendy.

She completes the pro
ensemble, pairing helmet
and reflective vest.

She so intense that
she forgets breakfast day of
electric project.

Billie was a skilled
tree climber as child, scales up
utility pole.

She ignores the high
voltage sign as the lines go
snap, crackle, and pop.

This reminds her that
she missed her usual bowl-
Rice Krispies and milk.

It’s too late. The light
headedness kicks in. But she
really wants to try.

To fix the light. One
small tweak and everything goes
black. Is she OK?

She opens her eyes.
She’s flat on the ground. Greg, her
neighbor, intervened.

He could see that she
definitely did not know
what she was doing.

Being an OSHA
agent, he has landing gear
in garage storage.

He laid out the crash
pads as low blood sugar set
in. Her landing safe.

In post-landing haze,
Billie gazes into Greg’s
eyes. And does not hate.