Dumped. Dog died. Sales goals
failed. Bus stop ad: Motiva-
tional seminar.

“Yes, I need!” thinks Sam.
Reads on. Cost: One Grand. And fire
walk grand finale.

Fire walk! Metaphor
for fear. Face bed of hot coals-
Conquer anything.

“Pay to walk on hot
coals?….But it will change my life!
I will face my fears!”

Brown penny loafers.
Sam’s favorite shoes. He wears
for seminar day.

Slaps on ‘Hello My
Name Is’ sticker, greets others.
High fives! Cheering! Fun!

Speaker leads group chant:
“We are awesome! We believe
in ourselves! We Rock!”

“We fear nothing! Not
even fire!” Let’s go show
these embers who’s boss.

Sam meets Gary in
line. They take off shoes. Both are
sporting brown loafers!

Size 11 too?
Synchronicity! “Let’s rock
this fire walk like

the studs we are.” *High
five* Gary is swift. Sam’s slow.
Too slow. Feet burn. Ouch.

Gary ditches slow-
poke. Throws back on brown loafers.
Ubers home. At ease.

Savoring newfound
motivation. Uh oh, here
comes the OCD

and germ phobia.
“Wait, don’t recall scuffed toe tip…
OMG! Not mine!”

*Rips off loafers in
disgust and hurls out window
of moving Uber*

Narrowly missing
couple walking golden lab.
“What was that?” *Dog barks*

“Callous jerk. Must be
insane.” “Hey, these look like nice
shoes. Should we donate?”

“I don’t want to tote
back home. Too smelly.” “Then what?”
“That man who roams the

neighborhood in search
of food and spare change.” “Yes! Dress
casuals for him!”

“Is he around now?”
“No, let’s place them here by fence.
He will find our gift.”

Benevolence! Good
deed! “Is it just me or do
they smell like singed skin?”