“Cass, what is on your
head?” “A wig.” “I see that but
why?” “Stalking Jason.”

“Why are you stalking
your own boyfriend?” “I think he
is cheating on me.”

“What? With who?” “I don’t
know. Need to investigate.”
“What? How?” “Follow him.”

“Where?” “Every evening
he says he goes to the gym
but is gone hours.”

“So?” “Duh, clearly he
is cheating!” “I still don’t get
it. Your idea is

follow him to gym
with disguise? Awful plan.” “He
won’t suspect a thing-

great plan!” “Where did you
get that hideous hair piece?”
“Halloween costume-

slutty school girl last
year.” “You were with him last year!”
“He won’t remember.”

“Yeah right, good luck girl.”
Cass tails Jason all the way
to the gym. That’s it.

Nothing suspicious.
Until… *Swoosh* Wig gone! Stolen!
Right off her head! Yikes!

Who would steal a wig?
Mary Glitterkiss of course!
She was running late

to the drag show and
forgot her hot pink wig. The
devil on Mary’s

shoulder said “Well look
here-serendipity! I
can take this chick’s wig.

She doesn’t even
look good in it. I will!” Post
wig snatch- Regret. Guilt.

The angel on the
other shoulder says “That was
mean.” Too embarrassed

to return to girl.
“I don’t even like honey
blonde. Ew.” Wig drop. Ditched.