Richard’s girlfriend, Brit,
highest maintenance of all,
demands birthday cake.

A strawberry cake
with green icing. Perfect and
homemade it must be.

Google searches are
full of recipes, but not
up to Brit’s standards.

He goes underground
on the dark web to purchase
perfect formula.

Seller sends a link.
It’s only available
for 24 hours.

It’s allegedly
the best ever strawberry
cake baking secret.

It’s worth the money.
Or so it seems at first. It’s
a lot of effort.

Richard is concerned
that it might take 24
whole hours to prepare.

After 23
hours of shopping, blood, sweat, and
tears, he pulls it off!

Tops it off with a
plastic happy birthday as
weblink vanishes.

One small problem. The
wave forecast is epic this
morning. He must surf.

Richard and his friend
Harris have time to rip and
then head to party.

Brit’s birthday party
in the park. But they need a
place to store the cake.

Their friend John is a
land person and will sit out.
They enlist his help.

John watches the cake
while they surf. Rain drizzle starts.
Some cute girls walk by.

John follows the girls.
The sky lets loose. Our hero
John shelters the girls.

He escorts them to
an awning to keep them dry,
so that they won’t melt.

As all the sweet, green
icing flows down and washes
past surfboard lockers.

Richard and Harris
return, ready for shindig
at MacArthur’s park.

To Richard’s chagrin,
someone (John) left the cake out
in the rain. Melted.

He doesn’t know if
he can take it. ‘Cause it took
so long to bake it.

And he’ll never have
that recipe again. Oh
no! (Brit will be pissed).