Eccentric, loner,
Hank. Bored and restless. Decides
on a new hobby.

Serial killer.
Intent on documenting
potential victims.

Hank totes comp book and
tape recorder, a birthday
gift from ’83.

Dictates AND hand writes
notes (obsessive compulsive)
as people pass by.

“What’s my victim theme?”
Blondes, grandmas, dog walkers, bros,
nerds, sandwich artists?

So many to choose.
Eenie meenie miney mo.
Hank still can’t decide.

*Lady walks by with
Trader Joe’s reusable
bags filled with foodstuffs*

Viola! Trader Joe’s
customers! “I will slay them
after they leave store.

Afterwards, I’ll eat
their novelty food and keep
reusable bags.”

Cookie butter, wild
salmon burgers, mac & cheese,
Just Mango slices.

Pumpkin pancake mix.
This Apple Walks into a
Bar cereal bar.

(Get it? Cereal?
Serial!) And bags will be
kept as souvenirs.

No more food shopping.
Kill (no pun intended) two
birds with one stone. Yes!

“Shall I start today?”
Just then, gust of wind blows off
banner from building.

And it lands at Hank’s
feet, where he is sitting on
stairs. What does it say?

“Peace. Love. Happiness.
Stop the Terror.” Hank’s heart warms.
He rethinks hobby.

Too savage, bloody.
Hank abandons plan and drinks
bubble tea instead.