Inspired by Pee Wee,
Ray learned a practical skill
set as a young boy.

How to diffuse a
tense situation with dance
moves and snazzy shoes.

It started when his
parents argued and moved through
his schooling era.

Not only did it
diffuse tension, he loved to
dance! His soul’s desire.

And his collection
of shoes: glitter, platform, suede.
He had shoes galore.

But as his friends joined
football and sports, there was a
much larger divide.

They mocked him, called him
feminine among other

Jaded by the taunts,
he dimmed his light to fit in
and repressed dancing.

Jock he became and
so began a life of blah.
Not really happy.

But not knowing why.
Then came anxiety, rage,
depression, sadness.

Many years went by
with the light dim but never
fully extinguished.

One day, Ray receives
a phone call that his grandpa
has passed. More sadness.

As his family
cleans out the house, nostalgia
hits like ton of bricks.

Ray opens a bin
from the attic and finds a
priceless treasure chest.

Dancing shoes! Grandpa
also a dancer at heart
but he too dimmed light.

Gave it up to work
full-time, support family.
Ray dusts off the shoes.

Purple glitter with
silver spiked studs and low heels.
Same size as Ray. Score!

Ray dances through the
next few days and is met with
same mocking and names.

He goes to local
dive bar to drown his shame. Shots-
blanco tequila.

As he drinks, jukebox
plays 1950’s hits. One

The guitar intro.
Then, the drum beat. Finally,
saxophone joins in.

His primal instincts
triggered, he changes into
Grandpa’s glitter shoes.

He doesn’t know if
it’s the tequila or his
soul singing for joy.

But he dances. And
dances big. On the bar. Throws
glasses. Patrons cheer!

Tequila! The dance.
Just like Pee Wee Herman. Yet,
this is no movie.

The bouncer tries to
intervene, but Ray’s dancing
soul cannot be stopped.

Until it is. ‘Cause
the bouncer turns physical
and throws him outside.

Ensuing scuffle
results in Ray losing the
purple glitter shoes.

But he won because
his light is now shining with