Desperate to lose
weight, Deb needs to kick cookie
binges. Tries quick fix.

During the session, deep in
trance, doctor’s phone rings.

Not on airplane mode,
his wife’s custom ringtone floods
quiet office space.

Opposites Attract
by Paula Abdul (concert
where they fell in love).

The ringtone knocks Deb
out of trance, but the cravings
are gone. Session worked!

But now Deb has a
new craving. Paula Abdul
music (who doesn’t??).

She needs to make it
a whole vibe so she buys a
Discman and CDs.

The eBay seller,
Peter, cross-dresses in large
Girl Scout uniforms.

(For political
reasons.) His sold goods are from
after his arrest.

In the 90s, he
was arrested for celeb
stalking dear Paula.

After mailing stuffs
to Deb, he feels a void. Straight
up seller’s remorse.

He decides to stalk
Deb in hopes of retrieving
Discman and CDs.

He quickly learns that
Deb is attached at the hip
to the Paula tunes.

Peter’s only way
to retrieve the items is a
cold hearted snake theft.

As he leaves for the
bold confrontation, he packs
the bare essentials.

green sash, box of Tagalongs,
and Kool cigarettes.

Like, he is ONLY
wearing a green sash. Deb is
definitely shocked.

Eye contact is made
(after the obvious glance).
Primal urge induced.

By the cookies of
course! Hypnosis paused by the
sight of Tagalongs.

Deb contemplates an
aggressive takeover of
the cookies. But wait…

Vibeology. A
subliminal mutual
understanding forms.

In a funky way.
Deb hands over Paula stuff,
exchanged for cookies.

Blue and red flashing
lights surround the scene. Peter’s
outfit (lack thereof).

Deb feels scandalous
too so they both rush, rush (all
the heart, all the joy*).

*Who else thought the lyrics sounded like Almond Joy?