’07 was the
year. Good girl gone bad, Riri,
just dropped new album.

Krista and her boo,
Lucas, were going hard core-
karaoke scene.

The album featured a male
duet- Umbrella.

Krista and Lucas
hit up their go-to singing
club each Saturday.

It was cute at first.
But like any song that is
played incessantly…

It becomes like nails
on a chalkboard, as this did
for the bartender.

Serena, who was
also the community’s
bruja apprentice.

Her spells were getting
better. She simply needed
specific practice.

What better practice
than a disappearing act
for Umbrella tune?

“When the sun shines, we’ll
shine together!” Serena
loses it. Casts spell.

As the clock struck mid-
night, the singing duo was
walking to their car.

But they never made
it across the parking lot.
Serena’s spell worked.

They turned into a
pair of umbrellas. But the
love never faded.

As stray umbrellas
are, they were snagged by randoms
caught in a rainstorm.

Krista’s ‘I Heart New
York’ design was windproof, sleek.
Therefore, coveted.

Belonged to only
one person. Lucas, basic,
and frail, passed around.

Often ending up
in lost and founds. Quality
aside, the bond grew.

Like magnets, Krista
and Lucas attracted through
thunder and rainstorms.

One especially
bad storm, they finally got
a chance to unite!

Lucas turned inside
out, blew away. Krista’s form
was steadfast, stayed put.

missed. Years passed. Rainstorms came and
went. Bond did not fade.

A siren transmits
throughout the town. Tornado
watch turns to warning.

Pedestrians take
cover as the storm picks up.
Lucas blows away.

Krista’s owner is
nearly blown away Mary
Poppins-style. Grip slips.

Tumbles into the
same parking lot as Lucas.
Reunion! Now what?